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Service Design Lab

Our teams work side-by-side with City staff to make Austin's services more accessible, reliable, and effective. This work covers three key areas:

Research & Design

We gather stakeholders, analyze data, and conduct field research to understand problems and prototype solutions

Technology & Processes

We dig in on the details of the technologies and processes behind services to identify gaps and areas for improvement

Community Engagement

We bring together city staff, residents, and community organizations as partners through each stage of our process

Recent work

Some of our efforts with partners across the City of Austin

Pilot of Violet Bags

Piloting services for residents experiencing homelessness

We've partnered with Watershed Protection and Austin Resource Recovery to launch and evaluate a "violet bag" pilot program for weekly trash collection services.
Learn more from Fox 7 Austin

Interview about Community Gardens

Designing new processes for permitting community gardens

We've partnered with the Office of Sustainability, The Sustainable Food Center, and departments across the City of Austin to remove barriers in our permitting processes.
Learn more from Medium

Meeting for Police Oversight

Creating new tools for police oversight and engagement

We've partnered with the Office of Police Oversight to research, design, and deliver new ways for residents to provide feedback about interactions with police.
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